Granby Ltd. Digital Brand Transformation.

Website Design For An Iconic Irish Food Supplier.

The Client

An Iconic Dublin Brand Since 1933

Granby Limited has been an integral part of Dublin’s meat production industry since opening their doors at Granby Place in 1933. For the best part of a century now, they have been supplying the city with sausages, puddings, burgers and meatballs. Their high quality products have led to them developing a very loyal customer base over the years. But they had one very major issue and were in dire need of a web design agency to bring the brand to life online…

Why Did Granby Need Our Help?

Granby reached out to us initially because they felt that their brand was not at the digital level it should be in the 2020s and they had lost touch with many Dubs under the age of 35.

Brand awareness among this demographic was very low and also very importantly, Granby had no online touchpoints for these people to contact them or learn about the brand anywhere online. This needed to be addressed immediately.

So the primary goal for the new website and online presence was to reconnect the brand with Dubs under the age of 35.

While another major goal of the new website was to address the issue that continuously appeared with Granby customers – “Where can I buy Granby products?”. The new website needed to supply answers to this question.

Yes, Granby had a website. But it was built in 2006. It was stale. It was dated. It did not function properly. It was not in any way user friendly. A new website was badly needed and we had to start from scratch!

What We Did For Granby…

So as their new web design agency, we got to work!

We started off by reviewing their old website, and analysing what we could do to ensure we built a successful website that did justice for such an iconic brand.

We sat down with Granby and discussed what are the key things that should be readily available for their new website design. The key pillars for the new website were to be;

1. Educating visitors about the Granby brand history.

2. Showcase the range of Granby products.

3.Let people know where they can buy Granby products.

4. Provide a Granby food blog.

5. Offer a place for customers or businesses to get in touch with Granby directly.

We were then able to get to work designing the website.

In addition to this we also executed a photo and video shoot so that the new website would be full of attractive imagery, showcasing the finest Granby has to offer. The content captured at the shoot was then also used on the Granby social media channels.

“When Granby Limited decided to update our website we were keen to also have a presence in the online social media space. We found Escalate, a young Dublin Company with a brilliant team who were exactly the demographic we wished to engage with through social media.
To anyone looking for a partner to develop and manage their online presence with creative and engaging content, you need not look further than the excellent team at Escalate.
The team at Escalate quickly went to work updating our brand, designing our website and creating engaging social media content. We were keen to set a fun tone in our communications with followers and
Escalate has ‘nailed it’.
Our campaigns have generated interest, feedback and discussion directly between ourselves and our customers and we are absolutely delighted with the response.”
Eoin Kavanagh, Managing Director – Granby Ltd.

The Finished Product

The finished product? You can check out the website design for yourself here!

And here are some screengrabs taken from some of the various web pages, to give you a flavour of what the Granby website looks like now…

Home Page

– tap to preview –

– hover to preview –


About Us Page

– tap to preview –

– hover to preview –



increase in users


key demographic


more enquiries

brand impressions

The Results

 What benefit has hiring Escalate as a web design agency had for Granby?

Over a short space of time since the redesign we have seen tens of thousands of visitors come to the Granby website, with some of the stats showing;

  • Direct business enquiries through the website have tripled.


  • About 74% of traffic now comes from organic search results in Google.


  • About 61% of the visitors coming to the Granby website are aged 35 and under, addressing the issue Granby were experiencing with brand awareness amongst this demographic.


  • After the website homepage, the second most visited page on the website is the “Stockists” page. Again, this has addressed the issue of consumers not knowing where they can buy Granby products.

Granby is now able to interact with its existing customers, nurture potential new ones and can address any queries raised by customers. The website is linked to Granby’s social media channels as well, meaning that people are now aware of the multiple online touch-points of Granby Limited.

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