The Hairy Lemon – Website Design & Photography

Website Re-Design For An Iconic Dublin City Pub.

The Client

The Hairy Lemon Pub

The Hairy Lemon, is a very famous pub in the heart of Dublin city centre. It has developed a reputation down the years for a warm, welcoming atmosphere, as well as some lovely authentic Dublin food and drink, such as a Dublin coddle.

It has also featured in several music videos, short Irish dramas and even films. Many of the bar and snug scenes in the much-loved film “The Commitments” were filmed there!

One aspect of the bar that the owners felt they were slightly lacking in was their digital presence. They had this brilliant pub, they should be shouting about it from the rooftops online! So they reached out to us about the possibility of us totally overhauling their web design.

Why Did The Hairy Lemon Need Our Help?

Following our initial discussions with the Hairy Lemon’s owners, the overriding goal for the new web design was very clear and simple;

To build a website that gives people a centralised online point of contact for the pub, as well as showing off the Hairy Lemon’s famous personality.

So in essence – bring The Hairy Lemon to life online. Challenge accepted!

What We Did For The Hairy Lemon…

For the first phase of the web design, we took control of their existing website and began redesigning what was already there.

We gathered all of the relevant information that was needed to be seen on the new site, things like the pub’s history, how it got its name, booking information, the food menu, etc. These served as the main content pillars on the site.

We took the dominant colours that can be found on the outside of the pub – yellow, green and black – and made them integral to the new web design.

While finally we also conducted a photo and video shoot of the pub. This content would be visible all over the website to really give people a taste of what to expect when they visit the Hairy Lemon.

With functionality on point and the Hairy Lemon owners happy with the new web design, we launched the new site!


In 2018 we began working with Escalate, our website hadn’t been upgraded in a long time and needed complete overhaul. Since then Escalate has built two websites for us with the last design launched in 2021. The team is very efficient and great to work with!
They knew exactly what we needed to ensure our customers can navigate the website and ensured it was optimised for all devices. If you are in the hospitality game then these are the guys to work with and they also look after photography!”  
Eoin, General Manager – The Hairy Lemon

The Finished Product

You can check out the new website re-design for this Dublin Pub!

Below is a comparison of what the old website looked like compared to the new one. And here are just a selection of screengrabs of the site to give you a sense of the theme and feel of it…

Home Page

– tap to preview –

– hover to preview –


Food Menu

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– hover to preview –









The Results

What benefit has The Hairy Lemon seen since hiring us to carry-out a new web design?

Since its launch, the new website has received tens of thousands of visitors from approximately XX different countries.

The most popular pages visited on the site after the homepage are XXXXXXX.

While finally, with all of the new traffic coming to the website and with the Hairy Lemon’s social media accounts in a prominent position on the site, direct clicks to Facebook and Instagram has helped grow overall social following by around XX%.

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