Meagher’s Bar – Branding, Logo, Website Design & Photography

New Website Design For Dublin City Centre’s Newest Bar & Restaurant.

The Client

Meagher’s Bar, Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

Meagher’s Bar opened in Dublin city centre in 2022, taking over from the previous pub owners and they immediately went about totally rebranding and reimagining the pub.

They have taken up residency in a location at O’Connell Bridge that is steeped in Dublin history and culture. Meagher’s has already developed a reputation in Dublin for their amazing cocktails, delicious food and for the stunning views of the River Liffey.

While the bar was being renovated and prepared for their grand opening, in order to reflect their new identity Meagher’s also needed to establish a brand new presence online. That is when they reached out to us to get some assistance from the web design agency for bars and restaurnats.

Why Did Meagher’s Need Our Help?

When we first spoke to Meagher’s they had a very clear vision in mind as to what they wanted and needed from their brand new website.

They needed to build a website from scratch with a new logo and brand identity. They had two clear objectives:

1. To tell the amazing story of the building in which Meagher’s now calls home.

2. To give people the opportunity to book tables and make reservations directly online.

As well as these, some other key information that needed to be conveyed on the new site was;

An Information Hub – That includes key information a customer might need related to Meaghers easily available online.

The Menus – To show off the amazing food and drink selection that Meagher’s offers. Make sure people know exactly what they want before they even set foot in the door!

We had all of the information that we needed to get started on the project and it was time to get to work.

What We Did For Meagher’s

Plans were drawn up and designed for what the new website would look like, basing the main pages of the site on the information provided by the Meagher’s Bar owners.

We began writing content for the website, utilising SEO tactics and keywords to ensure the website would rank well on Google for specific search terms.

Unlike other web design only services, our focus isn’t just on creating a sleek website, it’s on creating a sleek and functional website that fulfills your business objectives.

We also organised a photoshoot in the pub itself. This was necessary to capture some premium content to show off the amazing new drinks and food that is on offer at Meagher’s. This content has also been used on Meagher’s Bar’s social media channels.

After some discussions, edits and consultations with the owners of Meagher’s Bar, some final tweaks were made and the new website was ready to go live!

We partnered with Escalate in early 2021 to develop the brand for our new bar & restaurant. This proved very successful and they are now developing websites for a number of bars across our portfolio. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop their brand and website design.
Michael Meagher, Owner – Meagher’s Bar

The Finished Product

The outcome? Click here to check out the website design for this bar & restaurant in Dublin!

Here are a selection of screengrabs from the website as well, to really give you a flavour of what it looks and feels like…

Home Page

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Food Menu

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Custom Design


Client Satisfaction


Increase in traffic

The Results

What benefit has hiring us as a web design company had for Meagher’s?

But what has all of this meant for Meagher’s Bar? Some of the stats that have been gathered from the website include;

1. Since launching, online bookings have accounted for about 73% of their overall bookings, compared to phone bookings and walk-in bookings.

2. Organic traffic coming through Google searches has accounted for 76% of overall website traffic, showing that the SEO plan we implemented has been working.

3. Aside from the homepage and the “Contact” page, the most visited page on the site has been the “About” page. This shows that the objective of educating people on the history and cultural significance of the building is being achieved.

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