EV Charging – Website Development, Branding, Lead Generation

Lead Generation Website Development For EV Charging Company

The Client

One of the market leaders in Ireland’s electric vehicle industry.

EV Charging Ireland are one of the market leaders in the ever-growing Electric Vehicle industry. Their partner company CETI has been in the electrical contracting business for over 20 years and they have embarked on a journey towards sustainability

Coming off the back of years in the electrical and renewable energy industries, they have developed a large and loyal customer base.

Recently competition in the EV industry has skyrocketed and EV Charging Ireland needed to ensure that they were remaining as a competitive market leader in this space. They decided a rebrand and new website design was needed and reached out to us for help…

Why Did EV Charging Need Our Help?

After our initial meeting with EV Charging they tasked us with hitting the following four key objectives that they wanted to achive from this web design project.

  1. To increase overall traffic to the website.
  2. To generate more leads by increasing the number of people filling out the enquiry form online.
  3. Update their logo branding to reflect a more modern company and appeal to a younger target audience.
  4. To grow overall brand awareness – using the new website to promote their social media channels and vice versa.

We then knew exactly what EV Charging Ireland wanted to see from their new web development project, it was time to get to work.


What We Did For EV Charging…

EV Charging had an existing website that we took over management of and then began our website redesign.

We carried out some industry research, which gave us insights into the target audience and what key search terms should be included throughout the site. This was used to improve SEO and increase organic traffic coming to the website from Google search results.

A brand new lead form page was created that was user friendly and would encourage people to fill-out the form to enquire about EV charging’s services.

We created a number of new variations of the existing brand logo and colour scheme to send to the EV Charging owners. This gave them the opportunity to assess the new branding and give us any further feedback before finalising a new logo and branding.

We also developed a strategy to promote overall brand awareness and drive traffic to the new website. This included a launch campaign, with advertising on social media, google search and email marketing. 

“A pleasure to deal with from the start.
Our website was outdated, and our brand didn’t speak to our customer Escalate rebranded and redesigned our website and we couldn’t be happier.
Our traffic has increased significantly and leads are growing month on month..”

Susan Houston – EV Charging Ireland.

The Finished Product

We completed the new website design on time and on budget which you can check out the brand new EV Charging website here.

Here are some screen grabs of some of the web pages to give you a sense of what it now looks like.

Home Page

– tap to preview –

– hover to preview –


Service Page

– tap to preview –

– hover to preview –



increase in leads in 6 months


increase in website traffic


increase in individual page views

increase in new visitors to the website

The Results

But what did our new website design actually do for EV Charging Ireland?

1. Overall website traffic has increased by 104%, achieving the number one objective set out by EV Charging.

2. The number of individual page views has increased by an average of 93%. This shows that usability and user friendliness has been achieved with the new site.

3. The conversion rate of people filling out the lead generation form increased by 15%. Again, this has helped EV Charging achieve the other major business objective to generate more leads and in turn, sales.

4. There has been a 92% increase in the number of new visitors arriving to the site, so overall online brand awareness for EV Charging is increasing.

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